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Donation Vacations:
What is your charity? What organization is sensitive to your heart? Is your office or organization interested in fundraising? With Donation Vacations, each booking made through me is a donation made to your cause, club, charity or foundation! What a great way to give, and still enjoy a vacation! Whether it’s an all-inclusive stay in Mexico or the Caribbean, a Villa in Mykonos or Paris, or a cruise where you can set sail and serve …we have that exclusive trip for you!

Fine Art Souvenirs:
As an artist I paint on location. You can enjoy the uniqueness of this work as painted on sheet music, maps, blueprints, foreign currency and other travel souvenirs. You may find a special souvenir of your vacation at!

Travel Agent Colleagues: Outside Sales Manual:
This manual is a compilation of 18 years in the travel industry as a counselor, destination specialist, and tour escort. Additionally, there is information from 20 years in the teaching field, retail and customer service industries and event planning. Included here are the notes and ideas from dozens of seminars at sea, CLIA MCC training, and marketing and consulting classes from the business field.

Inside are such things as: sample booking forms, group cover letters, registration forms and contracts, how to make money while donating to charity, VIP letterheads, tracking your commission, ship and site inspection forms, and sample invoices. It comes in a binder, which allows for additional or favorite material and resources to be added to it, resulting in one desktop guidebook, rather than several.

The Fine Art of Travel
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